About myself

I am an entrepreneur, was a professional in construction and internationally in property development. More about me in the hereinafter following curriculum vitae. Years ago I came in touch with best investments in the money market. I was all excited. In the early years, I worked together with an investor from Paris, France. He procured these bank obligations from Salomon Brothers - in mid 1980's an investment bank powerhouse with about 7.500 personnel, operating around both, the clock and the world, plus one of the bulge bracket firms - and for smaller volumes from Prudential Bache Securities. I was blessed and learned enormously in a few years. Later-on I added Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB), Dominick & Dominick and UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland). And I learned more of these interbank transactions in the following years. This business field is very secretive, as further described hereinbelow and by no means easy. The difficulties are briefly described in Money market by Attorney-at-Law Esquire S.M. from Munich, Bavaria, Germany. I invested enormously time and yet much more money to become to know facts. And when then at all, one gets to know particulars only from members of the very tiny trading circles within the banks or big players. In other words, alone from those, that are concerned with or work in the money market. In a big commercial bank there are a mere handful of traders and one director. In the years of early 2000 to late 2003 I invested, apart from my time, by far more than half a million Euro to get into contact with the management of traders. Proof thereof can be given to an interested party in a form as described here. This was my money of my personal wealth. In addition this was a full time job, uncompensated for. And much more important, than these time and cash expenditures, I managed the necessary minimum amount of funds for a best investment, as evidenced by an bank account statement. When one does not manage and control this minimum amount, there is no need to look into the subject, as all time and efforts invested into the subject are in vain.



I take this possibility of best investment again up to finance and develop - at least partially - a supraregional medical centre including a humanitarian hospital Medical centre including an humanitarian project, annexed thereto. Under the aforementioned link, interested parties may read more to this medical centre, including the humanitarian hospital. I revert to my idea of this medical centre after many years of personal suffering of Chronic Fatigue Syndrom (CFS) and an undiagnosed gluten sensitivity with it's sheer endless wonderful side effects. The latter especially but not limited to the gastroenterological and dermatological tracts. This reminded and brought me to one of the most influential medical forefathers, Hippocrates, and his saying; "All disease begins in the gut". Greenmedinfo, founded and run by Sayer Ji and Huffingtonpost have very interesting and worthwhile reading articles on this specific topic "All disease begins in the gut". Though today it is proven by science, there are other diseases, e.g. heriditary ones through the genes, that do not have their origin in the gut. Nonetheless, a vast, yes, one could use the term of "endless" many diseases take their beginning in the gut. And later-on their toll on organs, glanses etc. of the human organism.  what fundamental truth lies in this statement and what severe consequences result therefrom. The number of diseases, that have their true origin in the gut, is sheere endless. And ...., ignored by a great many of the medical professions. Having made reference hereto, I should add, that a great many .... (not all of them) .... of the medical society should accomplish their job with a greater conscious awareness of this statement of Hippocrates.


To make this business undertaking realistic, I developed a concept under a specific business model, described in a dissertation by Esquire S.M., Attorney-at-Law, from Munich, Germany Business model. Thereby a group of investors is put together under a special purpose vehicle, e.g. a new off-shore company. Thereunder I offer High Net Worth Individuals access to best investments 2017 as of one hundred thousand Euro (Euro 100.000), as described in detail under best investment 2017. All these best investment deals are accompanied, supervised and controlled by a big trust firm. An international law firm advises on all legal matter throughout all stages. Under this Business model security aspects for funds of investors are more preserved, than for big individual players. 

My curriculum vitae

Medical centre including a humanitarian project, the idea and initial Master Plan

Initially I had the dream of creating a medical hospital, including a humanitarian section. Things evolved with time and my dream became the object, cared for by a whole team. With that said, the goal became insofar: to bring the best of medicine and medical services to the humans, versus them flying throughout the world and seeking same.


As for the country and region the team chose Jordan in the Middle East. Jordan, for it's excellent climate and it's medical community, that accomplished pioneering work in medical research and surgery in the region. In addition thereto the good geographical location of Jordan.


Interested parties may view a first architectural design of the master plan of this medical centre on the left hereto. By clicking on the image you obtain an enlarged view thereof and greater detail may be examined.


The medical centre is intended to comprise a general hospital with 1'200+ beds, based, at least in part, on integrative medecine. Integrative Medecine will be founded on Occidental Medicine, Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM) and Traditional Indian Medicines (Ayurvedic Medicine Systems). TKM differs slightly, but significantly from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In brief, TKM is an integrative medicine. Here is a good article thereon. Another hospital with 300 to 500 beds is planned, specialized in orthopaedic and plastic surgeries, both, ambulantly and stationary. The complex of the medical centre is to have its own research and development, laboratory facilities, medical school, a few hundred condominiums for nurses and general medical staff, some 60 villas for professors and doctors in medicine visiting from overseas, a superior hotel with several hundred rooms, conference and multi-purpose convention halls, a thermal wellness & adventure spa and bath and underground goods and merchandise delivery & storage, as well as car parking facilities.


For the humanitarian project, I want to include in this medical centre a 300 bed hospital for Palestinian Refugees only. Here fore it may be recommendable to purchase one of the existing hospitals in Jordan. This has the advantages, that the location thereof is well known to the public and visiting these medical facilities is assured by public transportation systems. 

Architectural CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) video of the initially planned medical centre, including the humanitarian project

Hereinafter you find and may view a short architectural 3-dimensional Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) - video about the initially planned Medical Centre including the Humanitarian Project. This was based on the architectural design of the master plan in autumn of 2003 on a selected plot north-west of Amman, the capital of Jordan. It gives you an idea of what the different components of the intended project were.

Download video: MP4 format | Ogg format | WebM format

The medical centre, general, an aerial view from the north of the initially designed project

My concept to this medical centre, in addition to bringing the best medical services from the globe to the region, is to combine oriental with occidental medicine. Thereby merge the best of both, ancient Oriental knowledge and wisdom with the most advanced Occidental medical services, technical equipment and medicine. Oriental medicine does not mean and be limited to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) only, there are others and especially Ayurveda from India. Ayurvedic medicinal practices are proven-out in ancient texts (the vedas), dating back to more than five thousand years before present era.


Hereto on the right you see an architectural CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) aerial view from the north of the initially designed project, as per the Master Plan shown above. By clicking on the image, an enlarged version thereof is presented for greater detail.

An aerial view from the south-east of the initially designed project

Hereto the left is an architectural CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) aerial view from the south-east of the project. This also is as per the initial design of the Master Plan, shown above. By clicking on the image, an enlarged version thereof is presented for greater detail.

An aerial view from the south-east of the initially designed project

To the right is an architectural CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) aerial elevation view from the south-east of the project. This is, as per the initial designed Master Plan, shown above. With a click on the image, an enlarged version thereof is presented for greater detail.

Visit of Baqa'a refugee camp

During one of my many visits to Jordan, I was invited by a group of medical doctors to join them. They visited each week Palestinian refugee camps, among them also the Baqa'a refugee camp, the largest of all the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. People in need  in the camp obtained health care services and medicines from these doctors at no charges. The medical doctors told me, that their contribution of humanitarian services was merely a drop in the ocean. But nevertheless, their work was greatly appreciated and welcomed by the desperate people. In this camp I witnessed both, environmental  and health issues far beyond any imagination. It should be mentioned, that every fourth citizen in Jordan is severely physically disabled. The population of Jordan is made-up of 80% of Palestinians.

Humanitarian project

At once during my visit of Baqa'a camp I thought to create a humanitarian project. I wanted to help these humans in desperate needs - at least for lives' minimum - with medical services and medicines. It lies at hand to annex this project to the medical centre. Since the latter is to be a full-fledged complex with over thirty clinics and state-of-the-art field tested equipment the humanitarian project can be serviced at best through the medical centre